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“I think this is an excellent niche service. Even though I never met the stylist, she took the information I provided and tailored looks so to my taste that I felt she had spent an hour with me! It was uncanny how she picked pieces which were the perfect shape and colour for me. I never mentioned that I hate wearing flat shoes yet, low and behold she found  a gorgeous pair of runners with a wedge for me! She’s extremely talented at what she does.”

– Marion.

“This service was fantastic. I loved everything that was chosen for me. Definitely recommend.”

-Sarah, Cork.

“I don’t know how you do it without even seeing me, but I loved everything you picked! Will definitely be using this service again.”

-Abbie, Galway.

“Stunning choices at very affordable prices. Made me think completely outside the box and absolutely delighted that a quick survey could reap such benefits.”

– Caroline.

“I have honestly been waiting for this my whole life! I love style but hate shopping. So happy I found this, it has completely changed the way I shop from here on out.”


“I loved most things that were chosen. Didn’t like a dress that was suggested so I emailed and was sent a different one that I loved almost right away. Brilliant!”

-Caroline, Cork.

“Out of three outfits suggested, I bought and loved two of them. From the survey to getting my looks was so quick. Would recommend.”

-Sophie, Dublin.

“Needed an outfit for my friends wedding in two weeks. 925 Style found me an amazing dress, including bag, headpiece, shoes – everything. All I had to do was add them to my cart. So easy. All you moms out there, this is a god send.”

– Anita, Kilkenny

“I don’t have much time to go shopping due to work and family commitments. 925 styled experience has provided me the opportunity to have an amazing tailored workwear wardrobe. I would highly recommend this service to my friends and I’ll definitely be back for another 925 styled experience! Thank you. Keep up the great work.”


“Fantastic everything I ordered suited and fit. Usually when I buy online, I send most of it back. I also bought the dress you tagged me in on Instagram, love it.”


“I loved my 925 Style experience. I can’t believe how she got me so well just from the questionnaire without any pictures. I love all the outfits selected for me and they were linked to the shops which was so handy and easy. It was so exciting opening my 925Styled email & it’s even more exciting waiting for my deliveries!! I would definitely recommend this service & I will definitely be availing of it again. Love that what I’ve already bought will be brought into the mix as I go. This was such a treat for me but hey.. I think I deserve the odd treat!!!”

– Imelda.

“Winner, winner!! I will be back. You have just made my life so much easier. Have little lady starting big school tomorrow so you have bought me invaluable time. Also, I am Devil for wasting money on clothes that don’t suit!”


“A great service. I hate walking into shops and not knowing where to start. being a lover of online shopping but having someone to point me in the right direction for great looks is a God send!! Thank you.”

“Loved the overall experience. The survey at the start is quick and easy. Loved all the outfits and especially loved how easy it is to click on each item of clothing and it takes you straight to the store for purchase. Will definitely be recommending 925 Style to all my friends.”

– Mary.

“Loved the outfit chosen for me. Got me thinking outside my comfort zone and judging by the comments it worked spectacularly well. I’ll definitely use your website again.”

– Patricia.

“Oh my goodness! It’s like you’ve known me for years! I literally can’t believe how ‘right’ you got my taste while evolving it out of my current comfort zone, which is exactly what I wanted. Have already ordered some pieces tonight and can not wait to put them together. Thank you again for such a lovely treat and I will most definitely be a return customer.”

– Marion.

“Love 925styled, brilliant service! Loved the style she picked for me. I feel so confident with my new style. Thank you.”

– Claire.

“925 Styled was professional and very accurate and efficient in delivering the style I requested. Will definitely use it again.”

– Gerardine.

“Very satisfied. Loved the looks. This was a first for me and I found it very interesting. Would recommend.”

– Geraldine.

”That is absolutely fantastic, I’m not going to lie, I had no expectations as to how good this would be. This has completely exceeded my expectations, thank you so much!”

”What a great service, would totally recommend. The styling and recommending where to get them online is  great for busy women. Having done the personal shopper, taken a day off work to do so and trekking around all the shops. This is a service not to be missed. I have found my new way of shopping.”

”LOVE EVERYTHING! Thank you so much. You are brilliant at this. Already looking forward to being styled again! I’ll be looking gorge!”


”I wasn’t sure about one of the outfits when I saw it recommended but I said I’d try it and see since I loved the other two and I’m so happy I did. It was so nice on and I’ve actually got so many complements on it every time I’ve worn it. I’m happy I trusted you. Thanks. I’ll be back.”


”I didn’t expected the style of clothes to be so customed to the requested style in initial screening. Every request was catered for and attention to detail was second to none! Delighted with my styling!”

”I think it’s a great service and the website is done very well.”

”Great service and great choices. Will be back for further suggestions.”

”925style provided a quick service and was spot on with her recommendations.”

”Was very impressed with the clothes recommended and found the service to be very helpful when it came to questions I had.”

”Delighted with the service.”

”Think the website and way to view content is great and easy to use.”

”Overall the pieces selected were great although I only bought one piece It gave me lots of ideas.”

”Great way of exploring looks I’d never have considered.”

“Thanks a million. Looks great! I’ve got everything on the list. (5 full outfits) and I love it all! Thank so much. I really like the way you were specific about what jewellery to wear, what denier tights to wear etc. I’ll definitely be back!”


”Thank you so much for my style profile! I don’t know how you managed to find so many great pieces that I love. I’m a really fussy shopper, so have no idea how you did it! There are lots of pieces I would have never thought of buying or putting together but are just perfect when I see how you styled them. No doubt I’ll be in touch again!”